Special Services

Welcome to the Special Education website.  It is our hope that this link provides you with the information you are seeking in regard to special education and student services within the Gloucester City school district in an efficient and “user friendly” manner.

Project CHILD FIND is a free referral service and public awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved/underserved youth with a delay or disability from birth through twenty-one years of age.

Project Child Find Information

Project Child Find Developmental Milestones

IDEA Monitoring Report and CAP

Parental Rights in Special Education - a Publication from the New Jersey Department of Education

Child Study Team Information

Referral Process


Gloucester City Public Schools Child Study Team

Amy FrancisSupervisor of Special Services, LDTC
856-456-7000 X 2168

Tamra Berry, Administrative Assistant to the Child Study Team
856-456-7000 X 2172

Kathryn Field, School Psychologist
856-456-7000 X 4023

Kelsey Damato, School Psychologist
856-456-7000 X 4025

Victoria Fultano, School Psychologist
856-456-7000 X 4014

Melorra Stevenson, School Social Worker
856-456-7000 X 3163

MaryAnn McNallySchool Social Worker
856-456-7000 X 3279

Tamie Hobbs, Social Worker
856-456-7000 X 1540

Stephanie DiAntonio, LDTC
856-456-7000 X 1552

Rosemarie Fitzpatrick, Speech Language Therapist
856-465-7000 X 3359

Rebecca Klein, Speech Language Therapist
856-456-7000 X 3335