Curriculum Team


The Gloucester City School District Curriculum Team is led by Dr. Kimberley Chiodi.  She has taught at both the high school and college levels.  Members of the team include instructional Supervisors from a wide range of content areas.  All Supervisors have classroom teaching experience and have participated in extensive training.  The goal of the Curriculum Team is to promote an educational environment that fosters high quality instruction and thereby promotes student learning.

  Kimberley Chiodi, Ed.D   Assistant

 Andrea  Dougherty  Instructional  Supervisor  X4028
   Susan  Ekimoglou  Instructional  Supervisor  X1505
  Jennifer Daubert  Instructional  Supervisor  X3209
   Crystal   McAllister Instructional  Supervisor X4026
   Rosa  Piccone   Administrative Assistant  X1550
   Kim  Stamm  Instructional  Supervisor

   Ellen   Boulden  instructional Supervisor  X4105